Brief and Competency-Based
Therapy in Toronto

Welcome to Toronto’s Brief Therapy Practice in Little Italy

Brief therapy is competency-focused, based on the belief that everyone has values, skills, knowledge and experience that can be tapped in all areas of life. This type of therapy may appeal to you if you have a specific issue you’d like to work through in a collaborative way. I believe that often significant insight and thus positive change is possible with only one or two sessions.

In our brief time together, we can mutually discover the unique and positive ways you are working in the world, and talk about how those strengths may apply elsewhere in your life. No matter how difficult a problem may seem, I believe there are always times when a person has already been successful, either in that exact issue or in other areas of life.

If speaking to a psychotherapist feels daunting – possibly requiring more time and money than you want to commit – the collaborative approach of brief therapy may be for you.