With the Right Listener, Talking Helps

Whatever brings you to my website - and the possibility of working with me - welcome!

I am trained in relational psychotherapy, a clinical-sounding term that, at its heart, simply emphasizes the therapeutic rapport, or the bond between the therapist and the person who has come to her for support. We are best able to make positive change in our lives when we first feel heard and accepted for who we are right now. 

From that place of non-judgment, the therapeutic relationship can be a place for your honest and open reflection on what matters most to you. In working with my clients, I like to begin with a competency-focused perspective, based on the belief that everyone has values, skills, knowledge and experience that can be tapped in all areas of life. 

In our time together, we can mutually discover the unique and positive ways you are working in the world, and talk about how those strengths may apply elsewhere in your life. No matter how difficult life may feel right now, over time I’d like to help you see where and how you have already been successful, either in that exact issue or in other areas of life.